Terms & Condition

  1. User can add BTC in BTC wallet and then that must be convert into MBC for Lending purpose or to send MBC in your web wallet.
  2. User can not do trading in website with MBC or BTC. that earning profit will be deduct from your account without any prior notice.
  3. User can able to do anykind of trading at our exchange : https://tradesatoshi.com
  4. User can able to do trading in exchanger by sending MBC to web wallet.
  5. BTC to MBC is only for lending purpose. User cannot get any profit if they have not used that MBC.
  6. Any price fluctuation is depends on exchanger for BTC and MBC.
  7. MBC to BTC and BTC to MBC conversion will take 30 min to credit in your account.
  8. Every withdrawal request will be given by manual and so for that user must have to wait maximum 24 hours to get it in your wallet.
  9. Any suspicious activities will be damage your account or might be possible that your account gets suspended.
  10. Our security team is checking each and every transaction and will not notify you if your withdrawal request gets decline due to violation of our terms and condition.
  11. please send us support ticket from your account for any kind of issues or queries.