What is Mobozcoin?

Mobozcoin is an extension of the Bitcoin protocol with enhancements. Opera Coin is specially designed for online gaming and entertainment transaction.

Do you have an escrow?

All ICO transactions are on recorded on blockchain and exchanges. In addition internationally certified audit will be holding an audit of the ICO's use of proceeds after its completion to provide third-party confirmation.

How will Moboz accept payment?

Moboz accepts BTC methods that available on exchanges.

Where will coins be available for selling?

MBC coins will be available for selling directly on mobozcoin.com exchange from September 21, 2017.

Why not Bitcoin for the bussiness platform like Moboz coin?

There are many algorithms, BTC use POW, and moboz coin use POS algorithm, sometimes there may be issues in blockchain like double spent, while moboz coin has no issues like this due to POS Algorithm.

If i buy moboz coin then how my money is safe?

There is an assurance for the price Growth as there are many supporters and back up, they have planned to store and manage the supply in the market.